Pre Placement Training

Helping you prepare better for placements

Our Vision

To enable PESU students to better prepare for placement exams, by providing them exposure to the types and levels of questions asked by top recruiters visiting the university,conditioning them to the test environment, and providing them feedback on their results for constant improvement.


What we offer

Mock Placement Tests in Simulated Exam Environment

Questions from Tier 1 companies, validated by seniors and alumni

Immediate review of performance stats


How it works

Select subjects

Select your subjects and aptitude level.

Set allotment

Note your Set alloted to you.

Take the test

Take the test in university on fixed date and venue.


Review your performance.


Repeat with Different subjects and aptitude levels.


End goal

Prepare yourself better for the placement exams, attempting some of the most frequently asked questions by most sought after companies in an exam simulated environment.

Start practising now

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